Are you in tune with the FPGA Market?

Are you operating in technical sales, field applications, or simply have a deep network of those leveraging the power of FPGAs? If so, you likely have your ears tuned into the happenings of the FPGA market, always listening for opportunities to make connections and help out.

Often you hear about those looking for top FPGA talent to help their FPGA project lead to a victory. Yes, indeed it can be hard to find good “FPGA folks” when you need them, especially when there is urgency with that need.

Connecting people that have FPGA needs with those that can help is good business ... it’s good for everyone involved! In the course of your everyday activities, simply make the connection with Xlera Solutions and share in the resulting revenue - that’s it! There is no commitment on your part, we do all the legwork. You get to be the hero by helping someone solve their problem, and get paid for making it happen!

With Qualified Leads Registration (QLR) you will earn up to 5% of the revenue that Xlera Solutions invoices to those new clients for the first two months of engagement!

The QLR earning potential is weighted by six criteria:

  • Client target fit
  • Points of contact
  • Access to decision makers
  • Funded / Approved Project
  • Time to Work-Start
  • Project size and duration

Want to earn much more? While Xlera Solutions does the legwork for the QLR program, there are opportunities for much higher earnings over a much longer duration if you are interested in doing the legwork part as well. Be sure to inquire!

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