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Compass Program

When you hear the word compass, you likely think of something that provides direction and guidance. But did you know "compass" can also be used as a verb? As a verb, it can mean to achieve or realize a particular goal. By combining these ideas, the word compass represents support. Supporting someone with guidance on the path to success. Or, supporting someone in reaching their goals and desired outcomes.

Our Compass program is designed for people connected to the FPGA market. Just as a compass provides direction to travelers, our program guides people towards the FPGA success they seek. By connecting people who want FPGA assistance with the expertise they require, Compass ensures a smooth journey towards achieving those FPGA-related goals.

So, do you work in technical sales, field applications, or know people who use FPGAs? If yes, you probably have an idea of what's happening in the FPGA world. You likely hear about companies looking for the best FPGA experts, right?

Introducing people who want FPGA expert support with those who can assist is a great thing. It's good for everyone! When you hear about someone who wants help, just introduce them to Xlera Solutions using our Compass program. We'll do all the hard work. You'll be the hero that pointed them in the right direction!

With the Compass program, you will share in the revenue that Xlera Solutions invoices to those newly introduced clients for the first months of the engagement. This revenue share can be paid to you directly OR sent in your name as a charitable donation to the 501(c)(3) of your choice! You decide.

Whether you've already heard of potential opportunities or are yourself actively seeking FPGA opportunities, Compass is here to guide, connect, and support every step of the way.

How much can you earn with Compass?

Your earning potential with Compass depends on a combination of:

  • Who you know at the client
  • If you can talk to the decision makers
  • If the client's project has budget approved
  • How well we fit the client
  • How soon the work starts
  • How big the project is and how long it will last

Want to earn more? While Xlera Solutions does the legwork for the Compass program, there are opportunities for more over a longer period if you are interested in doing the legwork as well or you make multiple introductions. Just ask us how!

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